I am a seasoned front-end web developer with ten year's experience designing, building, maintaining and hosting websites in an agency setting.

I interface directly with clients from initial enquiry to website launch. This includes managing marketing strategies and commercial aspects such as estimates, expectation setting, scope changes and dispute resolution.

I communicate effectively taking the time to understand the client's needs and translating that into deliverable code.

Developing websites is very exciting for me. I relish technical challenges and really enjoy the creative design process. For me, building websites is the perfect blend of creative and technical skill. Customer service is second-nature, I am very comfortable being customer-facing and have 14 year's experience in customer-facing roles.

Commercially, I am an experienced company manager and am intimately accustomed to the nature of selling design, website and hosting services. I am very comfortable managing estimates, budgets and cashflow which helps ensure a good outcome for the project, client and the business.


Web Design Agency

I have won and worked with over a hundred clients in ten years managing and operating a small web design agency. These include Airbus and Welsh Government, Acosta Europe and NextGCom (in the run up to their sale to ARM) as well as a host of small and medium sized businesses from around the UK.

Of particular note are:

YCombinator Alum

In the summer of 2020, I was accepted into YCombinator with a company called DID Inc. My friend and business parter Peter and I developed a passwordless sign in service which used public key cryptography. However, we later successfully raised venture capital for our communication product Memo.

The venture is now over but I remain an active part of the YCombinator community.

Media Development Manager - The Scout Association

Between 2009 and 2015 I occupied various roles for the Scout Association working as a Media Development Manager. This included writing and producing content, designing and editing websites, pitching stories to the press and producing and editing a newspaper.

The roles involved managing teams of volunteers and suppliers locally and at international Scouting events. I travelled around the UK and to Canada in this capacity.

Broadcast Assistant - BBC Somerset

For about a year, I worked as a Broadcast Assistant for BBC Somerset. This involved producing light content, booking guests and - often with entertaining consequences - writing and reading the traffic report.

Other Work

PR team at Excess Energy Communications, published writer in Watercraft Magazine and various local newspapers, fishmonger, hotel cook, baker, Crealy ranger and occassional Crealy Bear.







Online Marketing



Customer Relations / Support

Commercial & Project Management


Formal Qualifications

Personal Life

If I am not building a website I will be skiing. If it is not snowing, I will be sailing. I have been known to Morris Dance enthusiastically and tread the boards from time to time in amateur panto and musicals. I also enjoy stage lighting, playing the piano and making things from wood. I only drink tea from a pot - this is non negotiable.

Working With Me

I am super nice. I am self-motivated and take the initiative. I genuinely care about those around me and build meaningful relationships with colleagues and clients alike. I take inspiration from Cal Newport for his thoughts on Deep Work and Digital Minimalism - both I think are essential to a having a healthy and productive relationship with computers. I like to use Trello to organise my work.

I found you very patient with us, considering you had four of us giving you completely different ideas. You listen and we have ended up with such a lovely website. You don’t rush and I like that you take your time and make sure everyone is happy! Chloe, Maenporth Estate.

Most people’s stories about having a website built are terrible, whereas ours was a creative joy and you were absolutely wonderful. Kat, Bluebarn.

Contact Details

Please email me: richard [at]