Where and the When Track Listing

  1. Lovely Joan
  2. April's Morning
  3. Glastonbury Town
  4. Little Musgrave
  5. Up in the North
  6. Gaol Song
  7. Searching for Lambs
  8. Mount Hills
  9. Dark Eyed Sailor
  10. William Taylor
  11. Suffer The Children
  12. Hi Lo
  13. The Dogs Party

Sport and Play Track Listing

  1. Jolly Joe the Collier's Son
  2. Black Hills of Mendip
  3. Tam Lin
  4. George Collins
  5. Sorry the Day I Was Married
  6. Dives and Lazarus
  7. I'm a Rover
  8. When a Man's in Love
  9. Fair Mary of Wallington
  10. The White Cockade
  11. Lakes of Shilin
  12. Foggy Dew

Another Day Another Story Track Listing

  1. Rounding of the Horn
  2. Crystal Spring
  3. Henry Martin
  4. The Ox Plough Song
  5. The Cuckoo
  6. The Brisk Young Widow
  7. Long Lamkin
  8. The Trawling Trade
  9. The Victory
  10. Rosebuds in June
  11. The Beggar
  12. The Watchet Sailor
  13. Down in Your Mines
  14. Geordie
  15. Death and the Lady

Liberty To Choose Track Listing

  1. The Baffled Knight
  2. The Seeds of Love
  3. Young Ramble Away
  4. Jolly Waggoner
  5. The Trees They Do Grow High
  6. The Molecatcher
  7. Barbara Allen
  8. The Female Highwayman
  9. Bonny Light Horseman
  10. Captain Ward and the Rainbow
  11. The Hungry Fox
  12. The Cruel Mother
  13. Van Dieman's Land
  14. Claudy Banks
  15. Faithful Sailor Boy
  16. The Moon Shines Bright


James' CDs for sale, prices include postage and packaging to mainland UK addresses.

The Where and The When

£13.00 CD

James Findlay's forthcoming album sounds timeless and bold.” - Sean Lakeman. All tracks are recorded in a single take, the whole band in one place playing together against the beautiful acoustics of Calstock Arts in Cornwall. A truly honest and unique album.

Another Day Another Story

£13.00 CD

South West sung, South West played, Another Day Another Story is James' collection of songs from mostly Somerset and Dorset where he lives. The songs focus on the songs' stories and is recorded as they are performed at one of James' gigs.

The Liberty To Choose

£13.00 CD

From the New Penguin Book of English Folk Songs this CD shows a selection of tunes performed by James Findlay, Bella Hardy, Brian Peters and Lucy Ward. Each performer brings their own view to the tunes.

Sport and Play

£13.00 CD

Second to press comes Sport and Play, James' first album with Fellside Recordings. This CD made it into MOJO's top ten folk CDs of 2012. James brings together some interpretations of familiar tunes such as Foggy Dew and White Cockade with his own take.

As Carelessly I Did Stray

£5.00 Download (selected tracks)

James' first album recorded in a day after winning a day in a studio through New Roots. The album features fiddle and guitar and James' first attempt and putting his first and unique spin on this collection of ballads and songs. If you would like to buy the CD please email me.